This year, Geohorizon is back with all your favorite events; and more. From events that will test your technical knowledge to ones that will demand outside-the-box thinking, we have something in store for everyone. Put on your thinking caps and get ready to battle it out with some of the best geomatics minds in the country.



Many a times, a degree is just not enough. Keeping oneself informed about what's up and about in the ever evolving world of technology is just as important. For the many of us who, somewhere in the midst of all the course load, miss out on getting acquainted with the newest geospatial techniques and processes, the Geohorizon workshop provides the perfect opportunity for redemption. With a detailed lecture session followed by a hand-on training session, this might just be your chance to stay afloat in the sea of upcoming geoinformatics advancements.

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About Us

Society of Geoinformatics Engineers

Founded in 2004, by some of the very first students of College of Engineering Guindy's Geoinformatics degree program, the Society of Geoinformatics Engineers has served as a haven over the years for geoinformatics engineers passing through the doors of the Institute of Remote Sensing. SGE comprises the undergraduate and graduate students of the Institute of Remote Sensing and is headed by Dr. R. Murugesan of the same institute. Though one among the many engineering societies that Anna University harbors, we, at SGE set ourselves apart by the nature and scope of our domain. We pride in being the only academic society in the whole of TamilNadu whose objectives address the advancements in the geospatial world. Past members of the society include several prominent scientists and professionals at ISRO, ESRI, and several other notable research institutes and commercial R&D departments. We wish to continue providing potent students with the necessary resources and support to join such ranks and make it big in the ever-widening geoinformatics circle. Once every year, we organize Geohorizon – a national level technical symposium that brings together students of the geosciences under one roof. And it's that time of the year again! If you are a student of geography, geology, remote sensing, geospatial technology, geoinformatics or civil engineering, then we definitely have challenges in store for you.



Spatia is intended to be a newsletter exclusively for the students of Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University. It will be a quarterly newsletter focusing on the ongoing activities of the Society of Geo informatics Engineers (SGE), the developments in the field of Geomatics, the perception of this domain by the outsiders. There will be articles and reviews from students, alumni, professors, technicians and industrialists, thus bringing them all together under one roof and consequently creating newer opportunities for collaboration with other institutes and industries in this field.

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